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The Land of Vakarus Copyright 2014, Anthony DeVito

Vakarus is the smallest of the four main continents of the known world, the others being Gaerlan , Steig , and Saylos . Most of the area of Vakarus is covered in eight different kingdoms or collection of kingdoms, being the Atryx Empire , ElandarElmirre , the Imperan Empire , the Kaylin Kingdoms , the Jaarltaur Kingdom , the Elven Kingdoms , and Valgard . The small island kingdom of Ironwall also lies to the south, but it's assosciation with Vakarus is minimal. The closest foreign nations to Vakarus are on the  western tip of Saylos, its sister land to the east, and is firstly the city-states that make up Mor'koura , followed by En'arae to the far east. To the west of Vakara lies Steig , and far south lies the land of Gaerlan .


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